Ramadan Reads Game Plan.

Salam All,

Ramadan is quick approaching and I wanted to share with every one our 30 book picks for this month. I have selected books that are Ramadan themed and also some that are not. These are books I have collected over the year to develop our Homeschool Library. I believe in the importance of teaching our children the narrative they come from. When children hear about stories that connect with them and validate their culture and traditions it helps them in building their identity. For this reason I never shy away from investing into books and teaching from literature and storytelling. Also, they make great gifts!

How I plan on using our Books.

Ramadan this year is going to be a good 16-17 Hour long fast where I live, that’s a long day to keep my kids entertained and occupied, especially with my energy levels running low. So I plan on keeping them entertained with open ended play, a craft and a sensory activity that centers around the book we read each day. We will also be finding good deeds or moral lessons from the story and implementing it in our day. In addition to that we will be crafting a Alhamdulillah Journey Scrap book using the Alhamduillah series and reflecting in the Mini Muslim Journal by UmmAbdullah.

What books am I using.

  1. Stories of the Prophets The Story of Adam By DarusSalam
  2. Stories of the Prophets The Story of Ibrahim By DarusSalam
  3. Stories of the Prophets The Story of Muhammed in Makkah By DarusSalam
  4. Stories of the Prophets The Story of Muhammed in Medina By DarusSalam
  5. Thank You O Allah! by Aisha bint Mahmood
  6. Hilmy the Hippo by Rae Norridge
  7. Its Ramadan, Curious George
  8. My Special Angels: The two noble scribes.
  9. Golden Globes and Silver Lantern by Hena Khan20170517_112516
    10. Luqman’s Advice to his Son Quran Stories for Little Hearts by Goodward kids
    11. Allah Speaks to the Prophet Musa Quran Stories for Little Hearts by Goodward kids
    12. Allah made them All Quran Stories for Little Hearts by Goodward kids
    13. Love your Parents Quran Stories for Little Hearts by Goodward kids
    14. The travels of Prophet Ibrahim Quran Stories for Little Hearts by Goodward kids
    15. I’m So Angry by Sarah Javed
    16. First Fast By Uthman Hutchinson
    17. How Big is Allah By Emma Apple
    18.A trust of Treasures by Mehded Maryam Sinclair
    19. Ilyas and Duck and the fantastic festival of Eid al Fitr by Omar.S. Khawaja.
    20. Ilyas and Duck Search for Allah by Omar.S. Khawaja.

22. Lailah’s Lunch Box by Reem Faruqi
23. The Most Magnificent Mosque by Ann Jungman and Shelly Fowles.
24. Under the Ramadan Moon by Sylvia Whitman
25. The Apple Tree by Mariam Al Kalby
26. The Three Muslim Festivals written by Aminah Ibrahim Ali
27. The House of Wisdom by Florence Heide and Judith Gilliland


28. A Party in Ramadan By Asma Mobin-Uddin.
29. A Picnic of Poems in Allah’s Green Garden by Dawud Wharnsby
30. Night of the Moon by Hena Khan.
31. Ramadan by Suhaib Ghazi
32. Allah’s Zoo by Goodward Kids.
33. Migo and Ali Love for the Prophets by Zanib Mian


That’s 33 for you, for the days you need more than one book!


Some Activity books that we will also be using:

Owl and Cat Ramadan Coloring and activity book

Ramadan and Fasting Activity Book

Lets Learn from the Holy Quran

Allah to Z: Activity book.

The Giant Journey puzzle by Learning Roots.


Keep an eye out on this page for weekly lesson plans on activities for all the listed books!






Philosophy of Education


Hello All,

Today, I wanted to talk about my philosophy of education. I have been doing tot school and preschool with my daughters for about 2 years now. School to me has always been how I was schooled, typical public school model of education. When I started teaching my daughters, it was sort of eclectic, incorporating lots of ideas into our education. As my determination to homeschool has been solidifying through my research, my approach and understanding of education has also been changing.

Currently I am devouring readings on Charlotte Mason, a British educator who at her time revolutionized the understanding and implementation of education. Even though I have looked into other philosophies of education, (and no doubt as my children grow, so will my ideas on education philosophy) I feel like this methodology is right for us for now. This is interesting because Charlotte Mason’s methodology is very strongly influenced by Christianity. I however, plan on applying her ideas to the Muslim values in our homeschool; and it will be interesting to bring those two worlds together. This is very exciting for me because I love finding wisdom where ever, and using it to benefit myself and my children. Mason has greatly benefited many Christian Homeschools and I am interested to see how we can benefit from her ideas.

This week I have been listening to the podcasts by A Delectable Education and reading For the Children’s sake, by Susan Schafer.

Hopefully soon, I can share what elements I plan on implementing into our homeschool.

Talk to you soon!