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Islamic Studies Curriculum Review

Salam and Peace all,

The best part about summer for a homeschooling Momma is the Curriculum planning! This year’s curriculum is finally here and I am excited to share with you guys our choices.  The first one in this series is the Islamic Studies curriculum.

If you would like to read my criteria for picking my curriculum keep reading BUT if you would like to watch the review right away  CLICK HERE.

What is my criteria in looking for Islamic studies curriculum?

As you all know we follow a Charlotte Mason inspired, read aloud, hands on learning inspired curriculum. So this year for Islamic studies I was looking for something that was compatible with our homeschool philosophy. The following is what I was looking for when I was going over the different curriculum.

Must be read aloud friendly.

My kids love it when I read aloud to them and I wanted something that would encourage that. Our primary mode of checking for learning will be forms of Narration. I say forms of narration because we plan on making narration interactive and fun.

Must be comprehensive

A lot of curriculum leave some thing to be desired. I wanted something I did not need to go do more research after.

Must be sources friendly

I needed to know where my information is coming from.

Must have good illustrations

A good story is held together by good illustrations that spark the interest in the child and start the imagination train rolling.

Must not dumb down the information.

A lot of books make the information brief and incomplete, and one of the things I love about the Charlotte Mason method is that it asks the child be treated like a whole person and a whole person is completely able to understand complex information even if they do not understand the depth of it.

Must have hands on activities.

Children learn from doing. I wanted some thing interactive.

After much research and deliberation I have decided to go with SAFAR PUBLICATIONS .

I did an unboxing and review of the books I bought.

Let me know in the comments below, What Islamic studies curriculum are you loving?

Keep an eye our for more curriculum Reviews!



6 thoughts on “Islamic Studies Curriculum Review

  1. Assalamu Alaikum thanks for creating this review! I am really debating what to get for Islamic studies but this one has been popping up a lot!


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