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Dear Moms-Lets Inspire not Intimidate.

Dear Moms,

Mommying is hard. We can all admit to that. Even if we don’t admit it to everyone around out loud. We know that being a mother changed our lives in ways we will never be able to explain to any one. We are the feeders, clothes changer, butt washers, barf cleaners, runny nose napkin, teachers, confidants, discipliners, story weavers, playmates, worst enemies and best friends of our children’s lives. Basically WE are IMPORTANT people! We play massive roles in the well being socially, physically and emotionally of our children.

That being said, sometimes some of us women feel the need to belittle or push down one another in order to feel better about ourselves. We become mean and rude and pass sarcastic remarks behind or in front of each other especially about how we raise our children. To those ladies I would like to say, please don’t. You will never feel valued as a mother if you do not value the sacrifice another mother makes. If you feel like pushing the fragile self esteem of another mother off the cliff is the means to your happiness, let me inform you, it is not.

Mothering is hard. Regardless of how many children you have, how old they are, whether you work out side the home or you work inside the home, whether you homeschool, unschool or public/private school, whether you had a an epidural or not, whether you breastfed or not, whether you had a c-section or not! Mothering is Hard and any one who tells you otherwise is either crazy or lying!

Mothers lets take this time to inspire each other,  not intimidate ourselves and others over trivial matters.   Lets raise each other up, support each other, build our communities and our households with patience, kindness, love and gratefulness. Perhaps when we value each other enough, then the rest of the world will value us too.

P.S If you are wondering, yes this rant is in response to a personal attack by a fellow mom about me raising my kids!

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