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Rebel Girls

How many children’s books can you think of that have a female character in a lead role who is strong, independent, positive and not just a damsel in distress?  Not many, right? Here we are trying to raise strong, positive, wholesome girls in the age of the historic Women’s March and what are we reading to them,  very few examples of such women.

So when I discovered Rebel girls, I jumped on it!


We got Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, 100 tales of Extraordinary Women, and we love it! This book has short one page stories about amazing, accomplished, real women from different walks of life and from various places around the world. The stories are in a short narrative format with beautiful, eye-catching illustrations that keep the kids engaged. At the end of the book, the kids get to draw themselves and think about their own contributions and who they are and who they want to be. I thought that was a very inspirational thing to put in the book. My daughters are preschool and kindergarten age, but the stories kept them listening.  They may not retain all the information now, but this book is one for the library, and I am hoping they will connect with it over and over as they grow.


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