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Philosophy of Education


Hello All,

Today, I wanted to talk about my philosophy of education. I have been doing tot school and preschool with my daughters for about 2 years now. School to me has always been how I was schooled, typical public school model of education. When I started teaching my daughters, it was sort of eclectic, incorporating lots of ideas into our education. As my determination to homeschool has been solidifying through my research, my approach and understanding of education has also been changing.

Currently I am devouring readings on Charlotte Mason, a British educator who at her time revolutionized the understanding and implementation of education. Even though I have looked into other philosophies of education, (and no doubt as my children grow, so will my ideas on education philosophy) I feel like this methodology is right for us for now. This is interesting because Charlotte Mason’s methodology is very strongly influenced by Christianity. I however, plan on applying her ideas to the Muslim values in our homeschool; and it will be interesting to bring those two worlds together. This is very exciting for me because I love finding wisdom where ever, and using it to benefit myself and my children. Mason has greatly benefited many Christian Homeschools and I am interested to see how we can benefit from her ideas.

This week I have been listening to the podcasts by A Delectable Education and reading For the Children’s sake, by Susan Schafer.

Hopefully soon, I can share what elements I plan on implementing into our homeschool.

Talk to you soon!


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